How to Wash Leafy Greens: Thank me later

green leaves on white wall

Let’s be honest – you’ve been washing your greens all wrong. Those lazy, half-hearted swishes under the faucet aren’t cutting it. Do you really think dunking your arugula in a bowl of water gets rid of all the dirt and germs? Please. It’s time to step up your leafy green washing game. In this article, … Read more

How to Cut Citrus Segments

sliced orange fruit on white ceramic plate

Equipment Needed for Cutting Citrus Segments To tackle this citrusy chore, gather: A sharp knife: forget that dull thing in your drawer, you’ll want a blade that can slice through citrus membranes with ease. A cutting board: wood or plastic, whatever you have that isn’t your priceless marble counter top. Citrus juices can stain, people! … Read more

How to Peel Garlic Cloves: A simple guide

two garlic in shallow focus photography

As a home cook, you know the importance of garlic in adding flavor to dishes. But peeling garlic cloves can be a tricky, sticky process. In this simple guide, you’ll learn pro tips for peeling garlic quickly and easily. With just a few basic kitchen tools and ingredients, you can peel multiple cloves at once … Read more

Wow! This Maple Pudding Cake Recipe Is to Die For

brown dried leaves on brown wooden table

You walk into the kitchen and smell something absolutely heavenly. Your nose guides you to the oven, where the most delectable maple aroma fills the air. Peering inside, you see a cake unlike any you’ve baked before – it’s puffed up with a gooey, syrupy center just waiting to burst out. This, my friend, is … Read more

The Ultimate Guide for Slicing and Dicing Avocados

sliced green fruit on purple background

You know that feeling of slicing into a perfectly ripe avocado, the creamy green flesh giving way to the knife so smoothly? Cue the angels singing! While avocados may seem simple, cutting them properly makes all the difference between a beautiful presentation and a mushy mess. Don’t let another avocado go to waste! This ultimate … Read more

How to Chop Garlic: A simple guide

white garlic on black table

You absolutely love garlic—that pungent, aromatic flavor enhancer that makes everything taste better. But peeling and chopping those tiny cloves can be a huge pain. You’ve tried all the “hacks” like shaking in a jar or using a press, but nothing seems to work quite right. Well, struggle no more! In this simple guide, you’ll … Read more

Peeling Shallots: The Step-by-Step Guide

You’re in the kitchen ready to cook up a storm, and the recipe calls for shallots. But those little onions with papery skin can be tricky to peel. Have no fear – you’re about to learn the secrets to peeling shallots like a pro! With just a sharp knife and a few simple techniques, you’ll … Read more

How to Crush Garlic

You walk into the kitchen ready to start cooking and the recipe calls for crushed garlic. But you don’t have a garlic press and realized you aren’t quite sure how to crush garlic properly with just a knife. No worries, we’ve all been there. Crushing garlic can seem tricky at first, but have no fear, … Read more