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People often get stumped when it comes to fish: How do I cook this kind of fish? What about that kind? What do I serve with it?

We’re going to let you in on a secret — while fish don’t all taste the same, and their cooking times may vary, you can generally prepare any kind of fish in the identical way. And when prepared simply (a little extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, maybe some lemon), fish will pair well with just about any side dish. Fish — demystified!

We’ve created this guide, All About Fish, to answer all your fish-related questions and provide as many helpful tips we can. In it, you’ll learn how to shop for fish and store it, the differences between certain varieties of fish, what to do with unwanted skin and bones, and so much more. We hope it will make you more comfortable cooking fish at home, as fish really is one of the fastest, simplest, tastiest, and most reliable things you can prepare.

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